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The Iris (and most other marginal plants) serve to frame the water surface and to add a third (vertical) dimension to the pond picture. Most Iris blossom over a 2-3 week period with the earlier varieties starting to blossom in early May here at the farm and the latest (‘Rose Queen’ and our own ‘Freckles’) blossoming in July. We offer plenty of choices to equip you to provide a steady succession of bloom for 10-12 weeks (and you thought that was just to confuse you). Most grow to roughly 2’ tall, Depth (measured from top of pot or soilsurface to water surface) desired is 0-6” except as noted. Propagated vegetatively and painstakingly and grown on our farm to ensure hardiness and variety. Some additional specialty Iris may be available.
Iris Ann Chowning

Iris x. Ann Chowning / Red


#300 pot
Iris Black Gamecock

Iris x. Black Gamecock / Deep Purple

Very different looking dark bluish-black flowers (mid-season).

The plant will get about 15-24" tall and quickly forms a

good-sized clump. Native

#300 pot
Iris Chance Beauty

Iris x. Chance Beauty / Yellow

Vigorous grower that grows in clumps up to 4' tall.

Yellow flowers with a distinctive brown outline to the center of flower (mid season).

A winner of the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit in 1998.

#300 pot
Iris Clyde Redmond

Iris x. Clyde Redmond / Sky Blue

Narrow foliage with rich blue flowers (mid-season).

It will reach about 2-3' tall, is slow growing but worth the wait.

#300 pot
Iris Delta dawn

Iris x. Delta Dawn/ Lavender

Striking lavender flowers with apricot-pink centers (mid-season) make this a popular choice.


#300 pot
Iris E L Francis

Iris x. E.L. Francis/ Mid Blue ~~Our Own Iris Intro ~~

This is an Iris versicolor cross with darker colored blooms that start about 2 weeks later.


#300 pot
Iris Freckles

Iris x. Freckles /Lavender

Late Blooming Variety

A very unique, beautiful purple flower with white frekles. It is very late blooming.


#300 pot
Iris fresh Mint

Iris x. Fresh Mint


#300 pot
Iris Handmaiden

Iris x. Handmaiden/ Pink

Beautiful pink flowers (mid-season) make this the standard for "pink".

Its modest growth rate allows companions


#300 pot
Iris King Creole

Iris x. King Creole/ Deep Blue & white 

Bluish-purple flowers, with a deep yellow center make this a great counterpart for Handmaiden.


#300 pot
Iris Mighty Rich

Iris x. Mighty Rich/ Red

Rich ruby-red flowers with yellow centers (mid-season) make this slow grower well worth the wait


#300 pot
Iris Pixie Won Foliage

Iris x. Pixie Won

Unique yellow green foliage


#300 pot
Iris Queen of Violets

Iris x. Queen of Violets / Deep Blue

Double purple flowers that bloom early spring and occasionally in the Autumn also.


#300 pot
Iris Rose Queen

Iris x. Rose Queen/Pink Flag Iris 

Unique clear pink flowers adorn tight clumps of narrow foliage (to 2').

It is a late flowering plant-same time as Freckles.


#300 pot
Iris Roy Davidson

Iris x. Roy Davidson/ Yellow

This floriferous yellow flower with deep brown veins.
This iris does look similar to Iris pseudacorus, but without the reseeding threat.

#300 pot


Iris Kaempferi /Purple


1.5 gal
Iris Kaempferi Fancy Hybrid

Iris Kaempferi Fancy Hybrids / Assorted Colors

Multiple blue, pink, white, & veined flowers on a nicely formed clump.
It will tolerate some shade and grow well in depths from -0+.


1.5 gal


Iris Kaempferi varigata (Ensata Varigata) 

Blue flowers/ Some shade ok. Striking all summer with its variegated foliage. Depth-0+.


1.5 gal


Iris Kaempferi White 


1.5 gal
Iris Laevigata

Iris laevigata/ Blue Water Iris

This plant has beautiful blue flowers in early spring.
Do not allow this plant to dry out. (depth 0-6")


#300 pot
Iris laevigata alba

Iris laevigata alba/ White Water Iris

This Iris has white flowers (early) but is not as vigorous as the blue.

Do not allow this plant to dry out.(depth 0-6")


#300 pot
Iris laevigata varigata

Iris laevigata varigata/ Varigated Water Iris

This a striking Iris. Our top choice all season but slow growing.

It has blue flowers that stand up against bright varigated green and cream leaves.

#300 pot
Iris versicolor

Iris versicolor/ Blue Flag Iris

Flowers are violet - blue, (very early) with patches of yellow at base.

It will grow well in depths from 0-4”, quickly developing a great clump.


#300 pot
Last Updated 4-22-2022

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