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Aquatic Plants - Lotus

  alba Grandiflora -Single white 16x7 / WLC-167
  Ben Gibson Lotus - Pink blooms with red veins, medium sized plant. It is early blooming and compact. 16x7 / WLC-167
  Caspicum - Very impressive red single flower. It is a large plant, best for medium to large ponds. 16x7 / WLC-167
  Charles Thomas Lotus - pink blooms with a hint of lavender turning all lavender as flower matures. A unique color and “dwarf” habit - it is Ideal for tubs and small pools. 16x7 / WLC-167
  Chawan Basu (teacup) Lotus - White blossoms edged with light pink. It is a vigorous and free flowering plant. It’s compact (teacup Lotus) habit makes an excellent addition to tubs & small pools. 16x7 / WLC-167
  Chinese Double Rose Lotus/ pink/red blooms on a small lotus that grows about 2 ft Dwarf variety suitable for small and medium ponds. 16x7 / BP-167
  Empress Lotus - Single white flowers with a rosy pink edge. It is also fragrant. The plant is a large, strong grower most suitable for medium to large pools 16x7 / WLC-167
  Evening Shower Lotus with pink edge - mid pink 24-30" 16x7 / BP-167
  Green Maiden Lotus changes from Pink-Yellow-Cream..Grows 1-3 feet Dwarf Variety 16x7 / BP-167
  Lavender Lady Lotus - lavender pointed flower with a touch of blue. It is good for small to medium pools. 16x7 / WLC-167
  Maggie Belle Slocum Lotus/ Mauve Pink 16x7 / WLC-167
  Momo Botan Lotus - Double Red Rose 16x7 / BP-167
  Mrs Perry D. Slocum Lotus / Changeable - Large double deep pink to creamy yellow blooms. It is also a vigorous grower. 16x7 / WLC-167
  Patricia Garrett Lotus/ Pink & Cream 16x7 / WLC-167
  Peaches w. Raindrops 16x7 / WLC-167
  Perry's Giant Sunburst Lotus / Large yellow-cream flowers on a large plant. It is an outstanding choice to brighten up any medium to large pond. 16x7 / WLC-167
  Roseum Plenum Lotus - Lg Double Pink Very large double rosy-pink blooms. It is an excellent addition to any medium to large pool 16x7 / WLC-167
  Shirokunshi/ Tulip Lotus - Large tulip-shaped white blooms held high above leaves. The petals curve toward the center. Its blooms are also fragrant. It is suitable for tubs or small pools 16x7 / WLC-167
  Shiroman Lotus/ Large double white blooms that can reach 12" diameter. The flower lasts as a cut flower when the stem is cauterized. It’s a large and vigorous plant. 16x7/WLC-167

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