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Aquatic Plants - Tropical Marginals

These are used for vertical and textural accent. They need to be brought indoors for the winter, but will generally do fairly well in a sunny window.

  Colocasia antiqorum / Imperial Taro - Large (20") heart-shaped leaves on long (2 - 3') green stems. The leaves are emerald green with blotches of dark brown and violet. "2 gal" / #600C
  Colocasia esc. font. / Purple stem Taro - Large green heart-shaped leaves on long (3 - 4') dark purple stems. It is a vigorous grower . "2 gal" / #600C
  Colocasia rubra / Cranberry Taro - Large maroon heart-shaped leaves on 3 - 4' maroon stems. Our most popular Taro. "2 gal" / #600C
  Cyperus alternifolia / Umbrella Palm - Ribbed stalks that get 24-48". The crown of bright green spikelets surrounds small green “flowers” - perfect for the medium pond. "1.5 gal" / #400C
  Cyperus alternifolia nana / Dwarf Umbrella Palm - Very slender, wiry stems and narrow leaves. They only get 18" tall. Will grow well in depths from 0-6". "1 gal" / #300C
  Cyperus haspans / Dwarf Papyrus - Green tufted foliage on top of slender triangular stalks of 18-30". It somewhat resembles Dill - great for the small to medium pool. "1 gal" / #300C
  Cyperus papyrus / Giant Egyptian Papyrus - Dark green triangular stems 3-6' high with pendulous heads of thread-like leaves. An awesome specimen for the medium to large pond. "3 gal" / #1200C
  Cyperus papyrus 'Li'l Giant' - Dark green triangular stems 2-4' high with full heads of thread-like leaves. Shorter and compact form of papyrus. "2.5 gal" / #1000C
  Dichhromena colorata / Star grass - Green sedge grows 12-18" tall with white star-shaped flowers at the tips. It blossoms continuously thru the summer. "1 gal" / #300C
  Reullia brittonia 'Chi Chi' / Pink Mexican Petunia - Dark purplish green lance shaped foliage with trumpet shaped pink flowers. Foliage gets to about 2’ tall, prefers full sun but can tolerate bright shade. "1 gal" / #300C
  Reullia brittonia 'Katie' / Dwarf Blue Mexican Petunia "1 gal" / #300C
  Reullia brittonia 'Snow White' / White Mexican Petunia "1 gal" / #300C
  Sagittaria lancifolia rubra / Red Stem Sagittaria "1.5 gal" / #400C
  Thalia geniculata rubraform / Red Stem Thalia - Broad lanceolate green leaves are supported on red stems. The blue & purple flower spikes can reach 10' - very impressive mid-late summer. "2.5 gal" / #1000C
  Tulbaghia violacea 'Varigata' /Varigated-Society garlic - Garlic-like plant with white and green stripes it has violet flowers from late spring to fall. It will grow well in sun or shade. The leaves and flowers are edible with a pungent garlic flavor. "1 gal" / #300C
  Zaphranthes can - Rainlily - Dark Green grass like foliage in clumps. Flowers mid to late summer with many prominent small white star shaped flowers with golden stamens late summer. "1 gal" / #300C

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